Global IT University Reviews Say Outstanding Provider

Undoubtedly, Global IT University reviews are glowing and they pour in from clients everywhere – Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylavania, Washington DC, Florida. Here’s our secret:

Take a robust and flexible customizable Learning Management System and compliment that software with Exceptional Customer Service and you’ll get reviews and recommendations from clients who appreciate you.

Global IT University, headquartered in Clearwater Fl, is a e-learning business providing robust, customizable learning management systems that fit within various business environments.

  • Global IT University has received glowing reports from past and current clients.
  • We enjoy a long list of recommendations and great comments from well-known clients
  • We offer a wide variety of courses – 50,000+ courses, including many certifications

Visit  our Global IT University Learn Center and review all the courses available to your staff.

And here’s some past articles that display our reviews and recommendations




  1. You actually have every course anyone would ever need to take. That’s an impressive list of courses.

  2. Maya Malasco

    Can anyone take the courses?


  1. Global IT University Review | Retired Rear Admiral Delaney Awarded Global IT University | Global IT University - Clearwater FL
  2. Studies Show e-Learning Boost Employee Productivity | Global IT University Reviews - Clearwater FL 33755 (727) 447-8555

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