Glowing Review from Lackland AFB

Global IT University Receives Review and Recommendations from Lackland AFB Client

Just one of the many reviews and recommendations we’re proud of:

Global IT University training tools are very user friendly, and easy to step through. Their CDs allow our users to start and stop training as needed or pick a specific subject. Training is user reliant…the user initiates the self-paced training to their schedule. The training features a knowledge testing function that allows the user to answer questions about what has been learned, and can provide immediate feedback on the results.”

“Unlike other products, it will show the correct answer.”

MSgt. Minard

Lackland AFB

Joint Base San Antonio

These reviews and recommendations give you more reasons to contact us. More and more clients are finding satisfaction in our Learning Management Systems, not to mention our exceptional customer service. Contact Global IT University right away and get ready for success.

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