Global It University in Clearwater, FL | 601 Cleveland St, Ste 500, Clearwater, FL

Global IT University offers e-learning Learning Management Systems that effectively fit within the business environment, but we also offer individuals a flexible convenient method of upgrading skills with our online self-paced format.

As Monday rolls back around, let me ask – have you given thought to enrolling in Global IT University courses? Even if you have a hurried lifestyle, our self-paced course format allows you to log on whenever you can, as time permits, and work towards completing courses.

We offer everything from Microsoft Office to ACT, and Communication Skills and Photoshop and OSHA Courses. The Global IT University Learn Center also offers Business Law courses, Stress Management, Effective Team Building and more. In fact, we have more than 50,000 course titles to choose from.

Have you thought of earning your MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Certification? Global IT University has a self-paced format that may be just what you’re looking for. No pressure to start-end a class – simply log on, study and complete the courses according to your schedule.

Businesses can boost their employee performance and individuals are able to add to their skill levels.




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