Global It University Bask in Reviews, Recommendations and e Learning Accolades

Admittedly, Global It University was doing pretty good with its well-known client base – just look at the reviews and recommendations from our prior posts. With an awesome Learning Management System that fits in any business environment, new clients have been ringing our phone Monday-Friday.

More and more clients see the benefit of in-house training and using customized learning to boost retention. In fact, many of the Global It University clients tell us they have enjoyed a sales boost just from improvements in their customer service. Yes, we offer e learning modules in customer service!

Several Global It University clients have implemented new customized systems that include staff rewards. Managers can track staff progress and see detailed reports.

Our customized e learning system track staff progress and points out problem areas; companies are including them in personnel folders. When it comes time for evaluations, companies have this progress reports that show how staff has implemented learning and achievement into their careers, and what they should focus on.

Considering how companies want staff to multi-task, the Global It University e learning system proves effective.

Just take a look at our Reviews, Recommendations and course offerings;

Global It University Reviews, Recommendations represented on Yelp

Global It University – Clearwater FL – Yelp Reviews, Recommendations Image via CrunchBase





  1. Leslieanne

    Many companies are utilizing in-house training programs; many staff take these systems for granted, but those that implement these modules into their continuing education can boost their salaries. Great post!

  2. Leticia Morales

    My company uses your learning management system and I’ve already completed the Microsoft excel modules. Once I complete all modules I can sit for my MOS certification. This makes it really simple and my employer can follow my progress, making it easy to place in my personnel file.

  3. Very convenient system for learning MS Office. For all those procrastinating, get off your butt and learn something new! Employers are looking for people who have the best skills and here is a system that you can learn at your own pace. Thanks Global IT University for your service.

  4. Corbin Dwyer

    I agree with the last comment. As a Human Resource Administrator, I can tell you that when it comes down to interviewing several people, we look at what you can bring to the table. Not to mention, those resumes that feature on-going coursework and updated skills tell a lot about a person.

  5. Tina Winters

    Since the classes are online, you can be located in any state, right? I don’t necessarily have to live in florida?

  6. Mike Norris

    As an administrator, I can tell you that e learning systems at work offer companies a clear improvement at retention. It also provides a way to streamline overhead budgets because employees are better able to multi task with more skills.

  7. Melissa Braum

    One of the best customer service teams I’ve seen! You can log in anywhere and start-stop your course. They have all the well-known programs too like photoshop, project, ACT….Global IT University is Awesome!


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