Business Management Courses offered by Global IT University

Global IT University offers a complete list of courses that can help propel your career. Just take a look at what we offer:

  • Business Ethics: 1 What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – This video is designed to help you and your organization wade through the ambiguous areas of business ethics. After taking this course, learners will understand the primary principles of and possess strategies for ethical decision making, development, and maintenance.
  • Business Ethics: 2 Everyday Ethical Dilemmas – After taking this course, learners will understand the need for a practical approach to business ethics and how to develop their own personal ethical perspectives.
  • Business Ethics: 3 Ethical Dilemmas and the Law – This course features practical instruction for searching the Internet for legal information relevant to business ethics.
  • Business Ethics: 4 Individual Values; Organizational Values – This course focuses on helping learners set and use personal value priorities in their daily lives.
  • Communication in the Workplace: 1 The People Styles Model – This course provides information on identifying standard types of behavior used by various people during communications.
  • Communication in the Workplace: 2 People Styles At Work – This course provides information on how to use the People Styles Model to gain insight into the communication behavior of others. The course also shows how to adapt one’s behavior to move toward a different People Style. This insight and the ability to apply it can help to improve communications with others.
  • Communication in the Workplace: 3 High Performance Communcation – This course provides information about improving communication skills. High performance communication involves understanding the components of effective communication. This course provides ways to avoid misunderstanding and to establish appropriate, productive ways to respond during the communication process.
  • Communication in the Workplace: 4 Resolving Conflict – This course provides information on recognizing and managing conflict, controlling your emotions, respecting the emotions of others, and reaching collaborative solutions.
  • Communication in the Workplace: 5 Negotiating with Coworkers – This course provides information on defining negotiation and recognizing what is negotiable. In addition, this course provides a variety of tactics and behaviors you can use to prepare for a negotiation.

That is only a small sample of business courses. For the full list, go to our LearnCenter

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