Office Plus Courses Offered at Global IT University – e-Learning Superstars!

Global IT University offers a wide range of online courses including a full library of Office Plus classes. Curious about Photoshop but no time to attend formal classes? Well, have you though about e-learning self-paced courses?

Global IT University always fields questions like, why invest in e-learning courses? Because those self-paced courses are stepping stones to a promotion or a new career.

Take a look at what we offer:

Adobe Photoshop CS Intermediate – In the Photoshop CS Intermediate course, you will learn how to use the features available in Photoshop CS to explore your creativity. You will learn to use basic selection and feathering tools, move images into a new file and work with layers and borders, select areas in an image, create drop shadows, fill an area with color, organize layers, add text to an image, work with Bezier curves using the Pen Tool to select images, duplicate and flip images, place text on a curved path, draw lines, and merge layers. In addition, you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CS to print and share your creative works with family and friends.

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Adobe–Acrobat – After learning the material in this tutorial you will be able to work with Acrobat Reader, convert a document into PDF file format, make text and graphic changes to a PDF file. You will be able to add annotations, digital signatures and bookmarks to PDF files, add web links to a document, convert HTML pages to PDF, edit HTML converted pages and use Web Capture!
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Approach Millennium–Introduction – In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the Approach work area and to use the SmartMaster to create a sample application. You’ll create a blank database, enter records, and move a field. You’ll join two databases, then create a repeating panel. You’ll also create a Form view, then add a bitmap to a form. You’ll create a Report view, and explain Printer Setup, then create a Mailing Label view. Finally, you’ll create a Form Letter view.
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Corel–Central 9 –

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