Global IT University| Looking for Online OSHA Courses?

Global IT University offers a flexible e-learning format with a variety of OSHA Courses. Convenient, Flexible and self-paced.

Here are just a few of what’s offered:

Chemical Safety – This lesson provides required awareness training in occupational hazards common to the handling of chemicals, methods used for evaluating and minimizing chemical exposure, measures that protect against chemical hazards, safe practices for chemical storage and waste disposal, and the correct response to emergency situations involving chemical spills.
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Chlorine Safety – The goal of this lesson is to provide awareness training to help workers recognize the occupational hazards and health effects of chlorine exposure and the exposure controls.
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Compressed Gases – The goal of this lesson is to make all employees aware of the safety requirements when working with or around Compressed Gas.
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Confined Spaces – Entry Level – The lesson covers the hazards posed by Permit-Required Confined Spaces to employees during entry. It also covers the responsibilities of the Space Entrant, Attendant, or Entry Supervisor before, during, and after the space entry. This training does not qualify employees to enter Permit-Required Confined Spaces.
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