Read the Global IT University Thank You Letter from Alcoa

To: Global IT University

from: Community Action Partnership


Dear Global IT University Staff: I would like to send a letter of thanks for providing me with a wonderful tool to start my career here in the US. I had virtually no computer training prior to arriving in the US. I decided I needed some form of application training if I was to get a good job, so I started with your MOS training, Microsoft Office Specialist. It has definitely given me an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and has allowed me to more or less pick my position. Because of your product I was able to obtain well over 85% in my score, which was the minimum score required for my “Executive Assistant” position. Also I would just like to add that my first position starting out with my MOS training; I was offered $43K + benefits. I have found the training to be a very valuable asset.”

“One of the best features I have found with Global IT University Training is the fact that I can refer back to it when I need to. My position requires me to meet certain deadlines with various projects and in order for me to meet those deadlines I rely on Global’s Training, I basically ‘log on’ and find the subject area I am working with and find out the most efficient way of getting the project done. Just wanted Global IT University

to know, that “knowledge is power”!! Thanks for all your support!”

Best Regards,

Deloris Gildea
EHS Administrative Assistant


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