Charles L. Fox, Jr., CEO, Global IT University, Inc. nominated Citizen of the Year

CEO of Global IT University, Charles Fox

CEO of Global IT University, Charles Fox

Charles L. Fox, Jr., CEO of Global IT University, Inc. was nominated for Citizen of the Year at this year’s 19th Annual Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Mr. Fox is pictured here (left) with this year’s winner, Lieutenant David Dalton (right of Fox), and City of Clearwater Mayor, George Cretekos.


About Global IT University:

Global IT University  offers unparalleled robust learning management systems that track employees from pre-hire to retire. Global IT University also instructs small businesses on strategic ways to increase  business with local governments.

Founded in 2001, CEO, Charles Fox envisioned a dynamic system that would simplify the user interface and make learning easier. The e learning systems are self-paced and can be accessed from any location, and any browser.

This type of training solution provides flexibility and convenience in today’s hurried lifestyle.


Global IT University Clients Help Boost Popularity

Global IT University Clients Boost Popularity with Reviews

Many companies “talk the talk” but simply cannot keep up with the stride. Global IT University exemplifies what customer service should be. When you continuously focus on servicing your client you’ll reap the rewards of new clients, by word-of-mouth alone.

I can’t tell you how many clients contact us because they’ve heard good reviews about our e-Learning Center and our outstanding customer service. So what’s the secret?

Great customer service cannot simply be your tagline – you have to believe it and make your customers a believer. More importantly, every staff member has to believe in your company mission. When the entire team is on board, then you are well on your way to greatness.

  • How do your customers feel about your service? Send out a survey and ask them to review your services
  • Turn more attention to what’s occurring around you – Do you see great customer service? Is your business excelling?

Global IT University regularly asks clients how we’re doing and how we can become even more helpful. The secret is to listen to your clients. Reviews and recommendations can be helpful and in the long run they can help boost your popularity.

Did you read our last article?




Global IT University Clients Sprout New Reviews

Global IT University Sprouts New Enthusiasm with New Client Reviews

Client enthusiasm makes our work fulfilling and reminds us that we’re on the right track to helping more and more people return to education.

“I never thought I would return to school but Global IT University changed my mind. The convenience of the online format makes it easy to learn while still going to work…These guys have though of it all.”

And just in case you’ve missed our other recommendations from clients


T.R.A.I.N. Review

Here’s a client review for Global IT University from Iowa East Central


“Seldom is it necessary to thank someone or provide a job review for “doing his or her duty”…however, when and individual goes beyond doing their job…and does so consistently and sincerely, some comment is warranted. …not once did Global IT University give up on us or pressure us… you seemed to be there when ever we needed help or had questions. Your answers were truthful and accurate. After the sale you did not change in your behavior… Honesty, competitive pricing, timely shipments, product accuracy, technical support and a pleasing personality is a winning combination. You have won our thanks and appreciation… “

“I commend and highly recommend you”

Marcia Wilson Director I.T.
Iowa East Central T.R.A.I.N.

Fujitsu Review

Client Review for Global IT University from Fujitsu

“On behalf of my IT group, we would like to thank you for the extended technical information provided to us by your Microsoft & Technical Library products. I’m impressed!

The Global IT University Library system is always available to us when we need it. System response time always meets our expectations, and your product support is greatly appreciated. We look  forward to doing more business with Global IT University.”

Rick Adriano
Fujitsu Services, Inc

Have you seen the client review from Quantas?

Quantas Review

Quantas Client Review:

“At Qantas Vacations, our policy is to give the best service and expect the best service. Global IT University has been just that! The software I’ve implemented turned out to be more than just a simple reference tool . In fact, I have become reliant on Global IT University and consider them an essential element in my business.

Thanks, Global IT University! I look forward to “extending” my library with your help!”



“Thank you Global IT University”

Student says “Thank you Global IT University”

“I passed my MOS Certification and I owe a great deal of appreciation to you and your online tools!”

Serita Morris


Retired Rear Admiral Delaney Awards Global IT University

When Retired Rear Admiral Delaney received a recommendation about Global IT University in Clearwater FL and the commitment of CEO, Charles Fox to help Move America Forward, Global ITU was propelled into Florida’s limelight.

Reviews and recommendations about Global IT University have been outstanding since the company was founded in 2001.

Moving America Forward Awarded to Charles Fox

Prestigious “Moving Forward America” Awarded to Charles Fox, CEO of Global IT University

Charles Fox, CEO of Global IT University was honored with the prestigious award by Retired Rear Admiral Delaney for his commitment to ‘Moving America Forward’

And the reviews keep coming. Take a look at comments and recommendations from our customers


Global IT University Bursting with Client Reviews

Global IT University is Bursting with Client Reviews

Why is Global IT University Bursting with Reviews and Recommendations? We don’t ask our clients to go online and review us so how are we so popular? We provide a customer survey for our own internal reviews and we state, if you like us, shout out about us.

A prospective client called me up yesterday and said ‘Global IT University comes highly recommended…and we’ve read the outstanding reviews and recommendations from some of your clients.” Well we certainly work hard to accomplish these accolades. You don’t come by word of mouth recommendations unless clients really value your work.

Not only that but all our Global IT University staff pride ourselves on giving more. Good is never good enough because you’ll only receive good reviews. Outstanding and Exceptional is what we strive for. That’s why we get calls from friends-of-friends and past and current clients.

Just take a look at our reviews and you’ll see how much effort we place in our work.

We Recommend You Ditch the Road Trip for e-Learning

Of course Global IT University recommends e-learning over inconvenient commuting. When you review your choices, the decision becomes easy.

e-Learning courses have become the answer for several educational problems. Not only has Global IT University experienced a boosted interest in our learning management systems, but the convenience of our self-paced certification modules have skyrocketed. Is it any wonder our reviews and client recommendations have propelled our popularity?

  • School reviews show that more and more adults are realizing that one of the best solutions for limited time is e-learning. Look at few ways Global IT University online courses can benefit you;
  • Hurried lifestyle and very little commuting time  — our e Learning modules are always available
  • Learning disability and problems focusing in class — a self-paced flexible format works best

Seeking affordability complimented by great timing — e learning is typically the only answer to make school more convenient

Global IT University offers a complete online course catalog for  your review

{more than 50,000 available) and you can start enrolling and making progress towards your future;

Contact us for more details about our learning management systems.


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